By the Numbers – Why a Female, Cuban/Greek Can Become New York City’s Next Mayor

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By Leticia Remauro As a former Republican County Chairman and a political operative, I have a certain affection for numbers – especially when they are in the form of demographics, voting trends, polling data and political analysis.  To me, and others like me, those numbers are the basis for every political campaign.  I used those numbers when, in February 2015, I predicted that Trump would likely be the Republican nominee even though I was supporting someone else, and again on November 8th 2016 when I appeared on PIX11 morning show declaring that Trump would beat Clinton in Florida and win … Continued

The Millennials Are Coming! The Millenials Are Coming! You Better Go Live to Get Their Attention!

By Leticia Remauro The world of marketing is changing because the largest generation inhabiting the Earth – the Millennials – are starting to call the shots. If you haven’t noticed, Millennials look at marketing differently than the generations before them.  For Millennials, the phrase “bigger and better” means that the product is wasteful, and “new and improved” means you didn’t get it right the first time.  “Crazy Eddie” type commercials are a turn off to Millennials who prefer their marketing to be engaging rather than loud and over the top. Millennials are the most educated generation so if you want … Continued

10 unique ways to celebrate the holidays in New York City

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There is no place better than New York City to celebrate the holidays.  Visiting Rockefeller Center to see “The Tree”, window shopping along 5th Avenue and catching the Radio City Christmas Spectacular are the “traditional” ways to celebrate the holidays in the “Big Apple”, but if you are like us, you probably did all those things more than once. If you are looking for unique ways to celebrate the holidays in New York City, try one of these 10 free, or low cost events we pulled together for you and fall in love with New York City all over again. … Continued

How PC Caused a Huge Upset in DC

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By Leticia Remauro On November 8, 2016, pollsters, newscasters, the Hollywood elite and big city dwellers were all dealt a shocking blow when Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. I watched the returns in my home, surrounded by my family who had spent the last 18 months glued to the television following the campaign on 24 hour news shows such as CNN and Fox & Friends.  In the 23 years I have spent in politics, never has my family been this interested in an election. What made this election different from elections … Continued

Campaign 2016 – Comey, Commies, the KKK and Wikileaks – how the 24 hour news cycle has affected the 2016 Presidential Election

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Some would say that the Presidential Election of 2016 has been one of the most contentious cycles in our nation’s history, and they may be right.  Not because of the animosity between the candidates but because of the way in which Americans are receiving information about the candidates and who is voting for whom. A look back in time shows that the 1876 election of Rutherford B. Hayes as the 18th President of the United States was likely the most bizarre and divisive election because the Presidency was decided in a backroom deal in the Wormley Hotel rather than at … Continued