Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis, also known as keyword research, is the process of uncovering which keyword phrases your business will likely use in order to be found by search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engines, on a regular basis, crawl your website for fresh content by sorting your web pages in a massive database. This sorting is based upon relevant content, code structure and website health.

What does all that mean? Relevant content pertains to your business’s industry and the location of your business. If the content within your website does not mention what your business offers via products and services and does not indicate a location, search engines will have a hard time categorizing your website which means your website will likely not appear in search engine results. Code structure, in layman’s term, is how your website is constructed. Think of your website as a building. Cheap materials and rushed construction will lead to a poorly made building that will quickly collapse, and good material and planned construction will lead to a solid building that’ll last for decades to come. Website health is determined by the speed at which the website runs at, the functionality of website in terms of user friendliness and navigation simplicity, and professional content in which users obtain information.

At The Von Agency, we will analyze your industry and your top competitors to find the best keywords to use for your website, social network pages, and online advertisements. We then apply the top producing keywords throughout your web pages. Keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) are intertwined when it comes to running a successful social network marketing campaign.

Keywords are the foundation for all your online marketing efforts, so developing a list of keywords is one of the most important steps in any SEO effort. It is paramount to make an investment to ensure your keywords are highly relevant to your particular industry and searchable by audiences.

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