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Brochure Websites are simple yet effective ways to gain an online presence. They work best for artists who want to showcase their works, or a well branded company. Brochure websites are typically not built or designed for search engine optimization and it is important to understand this before starting a project like this. Using an artist as an example, you may have 200 paintings that you want to publish online. Your “brochure” website would have a page for each work of art and that art only. So your website that has 200 pages of pictures would not exactly be search engine friendly.

A brochure website should be a simple yet effective representation of you, your work, or products and services. Think of it as your store front window, but an online store front window: giving customers, fans, and the public eye catching and engaging content and images.

We create brochure websites with easy to find contact information on every page, shareable icons via social media networks, and crisp images of whatever you are showing the world. They typically consist of a home page, your products/services, an about us, and contact page. Brochure Websites

If you are on a smaller budget then you should consider a brochure website, in conjunction with an AdWords advertising campaign to generate traffic if that is your goal. They are certainly the most cost effective way to gain an online presence and create exposure. At The Von Agency, we would be more than happy to work on a package that works best for you.

Again, brochure websites are not designed and built to be search engine optimization friendly. However there are ways to overcome this downside via the use and publication of an active blog. Please contact us for more information about these powerful websites for you or your business. We would love the opportunity to help you get online.

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