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Expert Political Consultants On Staff

The Von Agency has nearly thirty years of experience in successful political campaign management. We are intimately familiar with leadership in both major political parties making us the best choice for those seeking elected office.

The Von Agency team will create a campaign strategy based on area demographic research, voting trends, and voter surveys that will maximize your resources and deliver you the votes you need to succeed.

From websites, to print material, to television and radio commercials, The Von Agency team is your one stop shop for political campaign management.

Candidates trust us because we understand the rules and regulations governing elections. From gathering and filing petitions to navigating the very complicated campaign finance regulations, we provide our candidates with complete and thorough political campaign management so that they can focus on the important job of getting their message out to the voter.

Whether you are a national political candidate seeking a New York State campaign coordinator, a statewide political candidate or local political candidate, The Von Agency has the experience and know how to help you meet your goals.

The Von Agency has a concentrated expertise in the political campaign management of ground campaigns, “Get Out the Vote” operations, Special Elections and Primary Campaigns. We are the choice for first time candidates seeking political consulting for their grass roots campaigns.

Candidates achieve the greatest success when they plan their political campaign management early. Call us today to discuss your future political aspirations.

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