Aerial Photography

Show off your property or business.

Using drone aircraft technology we are able to capture incredibly detailed photographs and videos from a perspective left only to the imagination. These unique pictures bring a sense of awe to your business.

Our services are perfectly suited for golf courses, outdoor venues, or any business large or small. Also ideal for any indoor or outdoor shopping malls.

Our drone pilots are FAA Certified and observe all FAA rules and regulations during sessions. Drones are safe to use, non-obtrusive, and quiet. Our pilots have backgrounds in Military Aviation, Commercial Aviation, and FAA Flight Instruction. Safety is our number one priority.

Our pilots are trained to capture the best images based on principal and isocentric points, in conjunction with a safe and optimal flying altitude. We have the latest and state of the art technology in both drone and photographic equipment.

Aerial views for commercial and residential real estate properties are a huge benefit for showcasing a potential home or business location. These high quality images can be embedded into your website or social media pages and used as great promotional material for any media outlet.

The importance of these high quality images and videos is stressed to our clients. Aerial views make your business stand out and provide powerful visuals for your potential customers. We take a wide range of aerial photographs from cinematic angles that are so great they require little to no editing at all. These photos and video services could also be used to survey any lands for potential development or geological exploration.

We know firsthand the importance and power of these images. Again, these services are extremely quiet and will not disturb your normal business activities. Contact The Von Agency for more information and details about aerial photograph services.

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