Crisis Management

We can develop a crisis management plan for any situation!

Crisis Management Staten IslandIf you are in need of crisis management for yourself or your business, look no further than The Von Agency. We will answer the call quickly to make sure that the press hears your side of the story and provides a fair and balanced account of whatever situation arises.

With the invention of Social Media and the internet, there is extreme pressure in the press to provide instantaneous news stories on a 24 hours news cycle. If you find yourself or your business on the wrong end of a damaging news story where you need crisis management, you will want a public relations firm that will answer your call quickly, no matter the time of day, and provide clear and accurate information to the press. The Von Agency provides that and more.

We combine crisis management with reputation management, tracking negative news stories; negative reviews and negative social media comments and countering them with positive information about you and/or your company so that the damaging information does not get traction. By being alert, aware and responsive, we have helped clients overcome damaging news stories so that they could continue to grow their business and protect their good standing in their industry.

Crisis management is one of the most difficult services that a public relations firm provides. You need a public relations firm that knows how to handle the press, the public and your reputation quickly and professionally. With almost 30 years of experience in the field, The Von Agency is the right public relations firm to call to get people talking about you in a positive way.
Don’t wait and hope that the negative stories will fade away, call us the moment you think you may need crisis management services.

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