Public Relations

We will get people talking about you!

Staten-Island-Marketing-ServicesPublic relations is the process by which you interact with your community so that your company becomes more visible. This includes attending public meetings, managing your company’s reputation and providing support to non-profit organizations within you community. The Von Agency will design a comprehensive public relations plan to help your company become more visible within your community making it easier for you to convert that visibility into sales.

Representations at Meetings

A good public relations strategy includes being present at community meetings. Unfortunately, most business owners are too busy working their business to attend these meetings. The Von Agency will represent you at public hearings, local trade shows, civic meetings, government meetings and business to business events so that your company can be present even if you aren’t.

Charitable Donations

As business owners, we all have preferred charities to which we donate. From little league sponsorships to placing ads in journals, we are often bombarded with requests for support. Small business owners are notoriously generous, often finding themselves writing at least 3 checks per month to support local non-profits. Donating to local charitable groups is an important part of any public relations strategy. Unfortunately, these donations can eat up a large portion of your marketing budget if they are not controlled. The Von Agency will help you devise a comprehensive charitable donation strategy so that your company can provide support to your preferred organizations in a concise and focused manner that benefits both you and the group you are supporting.

Reviews and Testimonials

A good reputation and positive word of mouth are priceless marketing tools – best of all, they won’t cost you anything other than time.

When residents and fellow business owners have a positive opinion about your company, they are more likely to seek you out when they are in need of your services. The Von Agency will help you devise a plan to obtain positive reviews and testimonials to be used on your website, social media pages and in proposals so that potential clients can hear what other people are saying about you.

In short, The Von Agency Public Relations will get people talking about you!

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