Social Media Marketing Tips: Measure your results

If you don’t measure your results you will never learn what or when to post , you will never see if your social campaigns are working. Tracking is paramount, Google analytic will provide you with a good starting point and it is free; if your not able to setup Google analytic or get a professional too do it for you you can always fall back on the social networks , most of them provide a way for you to see tracking information , one example of this is Facebook Incites.. study your audience behaviors , get to know their habits … Continued

Social Media Marketing Tip: Engaging Promotions and Contest

The best way to reward your loyal social media followers and to obtain a new audience is promotions and contests. You can run specials and promotions that offer cash prizes or free products and services for the users that shares your content the most (Leader-board Contests) or offer a prize for the most likes obtained in a specific period of time. There are endless possibilities for social contest and promotions use them to your advantage.

Social Media Marketing Tip: Build social post around your business / holiday schedule

Don’t forget to schedule post for the holidays and for your company milestones. If you own a gym , make sure your class schedule is part of your post rotation, if your a restaurant owner make sure to post your daily specials in the morning, if your selling a product make sure to send your specials out via social media. Information is king, provide it for your members and they will engage with you more often and visit your page more frequently.

Social Media Marketing Tip: Timing is Everything

As in life so goes social media, timing is everything. Analyze your businesses social media pages to learn when your audience is most active and then plan your posting schedule around your audience not your convenience. Knowing the best time to make a post is as important as the content that is in it.  There are many analysis tools that can help you make this decision like; Google Analytic , Facebook Incites and a myriad of others.  It is your objective to get the most eyes as possible to see your content , time it right and you will.

Social Media Marketing Tip: Don’t Be Pushy

Users are more social media savvy then ever before, they don't want push marketing. Provide them with solid information about your product or services , tell your story in a natural organic way and let them decide to engage you. If you believe in your product or service and you get that information across in your content, your audience will believe in it as well.

Social Media Marketing Tip: SMM is a Marathon Not a Sprint

Any company  who promises you a ton of likes or fans quickly is LYING to you. There are no shortcuts to social media marketing, its a slow moving strategy with a huge long term payback.  Once you have a captive social media audience built you will reap the benefits of social marketing; Re-Marketing. Take your time and provide your audience with useful content they want to share and your audience will build slow and steady and they will be an audience that is interested in your business or market.

Social Media Marketing Tip: Create a main content repository

Make a home base for your content, the best place for a home base is a blog if your site doesn’t have a blog , add one as soon as possible. If your going to market to social media you should send them back to your website to visit and learn more about your company and possibly capture them as a lead via a call to action form or contest.

SEO Enhanced Social Marketing. The Way Of The Future.

Social Media Marketing has become one of the strongest avenues for businesses to showcase their products and services to a vast marketplace. If done correctly, this form of marketing can be more cost effective than traditional methods that companies have become accustom to (for example, print ads).  The most important factor to having a superior, traffic driven social network comes from engaging content. Your postings in each social network should engage your followers on a daily basis. Postings without engagement is essentially useless as these posts do nothing more than flood the feed.

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