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With our 28% read rate we excel at email marketing!

Email list ManagementSome people believe that email campaigns and email list management have gone the way of the dinosaur. Those who believe that probably have no idea how to execute a proper email marketing campaign.

The Von Agency knows that people check their email(s) several times a day. We also know that engaging layouts and proper subject headlines will get people interested in opening and reading the emails you send.

A successful email list management and email campaign includes: a catchy call to action on your website to capture email addresses; an attention grabbing subject headline; interesting graphic layouts; an obvious call to action within the email message and timely email distribution. If you follow the above outline, your email list management and email campaign will grow your leads and increase your business.

The Von Agency email campaigns achieve a nearly 30% open rate and less than .05 % remove rate. This is twice what the industry deems successful. Our secret to success is not secret – we just give the client audience what they want to see.

The Von Agency is proud of its ability to successfully capture emails addresses then use those emails addresses to deliver your message to your target audience.  When you work with The Von Agency you can be sure that your message will be delivered, open, read and considered with a click of the send button.

A successful email campaign is a significant achievement because it exposes your brand to thousands of people at little cost to you.  Email campaigns are among the most effective advertising tools when executed correctly.

The Von Agency’s successful email list management and email campaigns are a result of decades of experience utilizing a proven methodology. Call us today to learn more about e-mail campaigns and list management.

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