The Benefits of hiring a Professional Graphic Designer

By Lily Zafaranloo

As the senior creative designer at The Von Agency, part of my job is to use digital illustration to create materials that provide information about a company. This can be done with company logos, web design, flyers, brochures, stationary, signage, business cards, mailers and more.

Creative Designers usually work collaboratively with researchers in order to achieve an understanding of industry trends. Strong problem solving, decision making and organizational skills are vital to us because our job requires us to meet with clients to discuss business objectives, estimate the amount of time required to complete the work, develop design briefs, and present finalized work that suits the client’s needs.

We often work as part of a team dealing closely with printers, copywriters, web developers, account executives and other marketing specialists to get ensure that the visual message is consistent and obvious. This strong, result driven approach ensures that our digital picture conveys a clear message in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Possibly the most important and rewarding aspect of my job is working with new businesses to create a company logo and overall visual brand. Since a company brand is the way the world will see that business, it is one of the most crucial first steps in launching a new business so it should not be left to amateurs.

Often times small businesses create their visual brand using colors, shapes and names that hold some importance to them yet have no connection to the consumers in their market. These businesses try to save a bit of money by using the talents of family or friends who have a good eye for color and can work in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. They don’t realize that the money they save up front can cost them their business in the long run.

Creating a proper brand requires professional research to ensure that your design will not cause a copyright infringement; research to know what the market will respond to and experience so that your brand can be used across all mediums.

Think about it, you are investing thousands upon thousands of dollars to start your business – the place to save money shouldn’t be on the image that you want to present.

Avoid the crucial and costly error of improper branding by seeking the help of a professional graphic designer.

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