Success With Google AdWords in Staten Island

Success With AdWords

Struggling with ideas on how to promote your business on a limited budget? Don’t worry, we are too! But after reading this we hope to provide a solution for any size business and budget.

You probably know what AdWords are, without knowing it. Every time you do a web search the search engine you’re using will populate the top and sides of the search results with banner advertisements. These advertisements are created via Google AdWords.

Google allows you to advertise products and services you are selling or promoting on your website through Google AdWords. Why is this useful and why should you consider it? Let’s say your business, Widget Land, is in the business of selling and servicing widgets. Our friend Bob is looking for particular widget parts, and could possibly be talked into buying the newest and best looking widget to hit the market. How do we connect Bob and your business?

Make The Connection With New Customers

Let’s let Bob know that Widget Land has the part he’s looking for. We do this by setting up an Ad Words campaign and creating banner advertisements for widget parts. Your ads can be targeted by geographic locations so you can just advertise in your city, state, or nationwide. Maybe Bob is located across the country and you have the best widget prices anywhere. Your Google AdWords campaign can connect you and Bob. Your newest customer found your website via a Google AdWords campaign.

Flexible Budget For Desired Results

All of this sounds great but you’re hesitant to spend money advertising online. You’ll never know the results unless you try. Google AdWords allows you to spend as little or as much as you want. We recommend clients test the waters and spend five dollars a day for a period of three weeks. Google provides you with valuable statistics such as the number of people that saw your ad, how many people clicked on it, and which ads are preforming better than others. If your campaign is success and resulting in sales (which can be tracked and measured), you can increase or decrease your spending.

Google AdWords Management is just one of the services we offer at Go Social. Contact us for a free consultation about this service and other opportunities we have your for.

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